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How To Check The Measured Strength Of The Insulation Of The Motor
Nov 04, 2016

How to check a measurement of the dielectric strength of the motor:

1, measurement of motor insulation resistance by Megger, measure each phase and each of windings windings between the casing and the insulation resistance values to determine the insulation performance of the motor.

2, using a megohmmeter to measure insulation resistance, usually on 500 kV voltage motor with a 500-Volt megohmmeter to measure; 500~1000 Volt motor with a 1000 v megohmmeter to measure; more than 1000 v the motor voltage is measured with a 2500 v Megger.

3, and motor in hot state (750C) conditions Xia, General small and medium low voltage motor of insulation resistance value should not is less than 0.5 trillion Europe, high pressure motor each kV work voltage stator of insulation resistance value should not is less than 1 trillion Europe, each v work voltage winding type rotor winding of insulation resistance value, minimum shall not is less than 0.5 trillion Europe; motor two times loop insulation resistance not should is less than 1 trillion Europe.

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