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Motor Controller

The motor controller is an integrated circuit that actively controls the motor to operate according to a set direction, speed, angle, and response time.
In an electric vehicle, the motor controller can convert the electric energy stored in the power battery into the electric energy required to drive the motor according to the gear position, the throttle, the brake, and the like, to control the starting operation, the advance and retreat speed, the climbing speed, and the like of the electric vehicle. The driving state will either help the electric vehicle brake and store part of the braking energy into the power battery. It is one of the key components of electric vehicles.
This product is composed of high-power intelligent module, excellent cooling and cooling system, reliable power control system and closed-loop sampling feedback control system. It has the characteristics of fast response, stable control and maintenance-free operation.
Motor controllers can be divided into DC motor controllers and AC motor controllers depending on their current patterns. Our controllers use a variety of different motors as the drive unit, featuring small size, light weight, high reliability and fast speed response. It has energy feedback function, increasing the number of cruising mileage, and multiple protection designs such as limited current, over current, over temperature, locked rotor, and short circuit.
The best quality motor controller with lower heating and noise, higher stability are offered by us. We are cheap motor controller manufacturers and suppliers in China. If you are looking for one of such products, please be free to contact us.
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